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Outline of Auction House in Seville - 2015.09.04 Fri

Auction House in Seville

Place : Seville Company House (Corporated Company)

< Outline >
this Auction will be event Planned by players.
Main purpose of this event is providing entertainment for UWO players and create chance to find something special for you.

< Summary of the Auction >
1. Greeting from Project Director
2. Explanation of this Auction from Chairperson
3. Auction (* Its detail will be explained later)
4. End Greeting from Project Director
5. Break up.

<* Work flow of exhibitors and a Chairperson and will be shown as (C) >
1. Stand in a line for exhibitors and wait until your turn. (a Bazaar Aides will show the place to make a line)
2. moving to the stage and have to follow direction from chairperson.
3. Greeting and explanation of your item(s) within 5mins (have to use shout )
4. (C) declaration of starting bids. (chairperson use shout and will wait until settle it's price. bidders also have to use Shout. Say will not be approved. )
5. (C) starting count. 10 to 0 (after calling 0 won't be approved) and never be accepted any complain on the way of account by chairperson since the chairperson have to type number so, can be happen some time lag for each count.
6. (C) announce a successful bidder and a contract price.
7. exhibitors and a successful bidder have to go to bank to exchange items and money or check. (promoter never take any action and responsibility between any problems among exhibitors and a successful bidder. but if anyone cause serious problem, the one will be excluded from in the future events)

< Q & A >

1. What kind of items can I exhibit?
Anything you want. But bidders spend a time to come to find something good so you should not exhibit something very cheap or damaged items. Bottle ships especially G3 ships can be good items.
Exhibited items have to be in very good condition and if you want to sell some reasonable priced items, it is the best way that providing some amount of items (for example : 999 Shipwrick map pieces, Master craftsman's carpentry tools, Patriot Awards, 500 NNPB and 500 NPCs as a set, like that)
Adventure maps sets such as very hard to obtain can be good items to exhibit.

They are some examples of recent exhibited items and final price in Japanese UWO (included some original items : some can be obtained in the future also price will be different since difference of system between UWO and UWO Japan)

1. A High clipper (build by using kind of bottle parts ) a ship 1.4B
2. An Ax of Minotaur (ATK 100) 1.3B
3. 10th Anniversary voucher set (hat version, clothing version, weapons version) 600m
4. White version Western hat, Western gloves, cowboy boots, a western pioneer costume box, 10 weapons craftsman forged tools 2B
5. Victory (build by using kind of bottle parts ) a ship 2.2B
6. Nina dress(rare dress)♀ 4B
7. Fool's Hands (defense 105) 2.2B
8. Men's hair styling tool Part 3 (Julian hairstyle), Feminine styling tool Part 5 (Lucretia hairstyle) 500m
9. A General mantle 2.8B
10. An appreciation of treasure chest (yellow) 1.1B
11. One headgear wear of rabbit, dress of the novice geographer, Edomurasaki Haori hakama 600m
12. Bear outfits (Bear hat, clothe, gloves, shoes) 1 set 460m
13. an ancient Rome treasure box 1.1B
14. Emergency shipbuilding Request Form 50 sheets 330m

2. Who can join this event?
Any player can join this event. there are no restriction of exhibitors and bidders. beginner to high ranked players in any job can join this event. But once you exhibit items or make a bid by shout, you are going to have responsibility to sell those items or buy them right after a successful bid.
if you don't have any ability to take an action or pay please observe this event and if you want to say something please use say mode.

You have to make sure, when you make a comment by say mode you should not use words such as criticize others or individuals , discriminating and harsh comments on anyone. such words make serious problems and ruin this event.
if someone doesn't stop such action the event is going to be closed at the point.

3. From how much can I start?
There are no specific requirements but it is an Auction house so set 1 ducat as starting price is highly recommended.
in case that you want to set initial price, you can. But Keep it in your mind that it has to be auction so, setting less than its value as initial price can be good for our purpose. Sometimes final price will be very higher than normal price but if you can't take any risk of selling your items by lower price than your expectation, It would be better for you to sell the item at merchants chat.

This is an outline of this event.
more detail will be add later.

If you have any more ideas and can be an director of this event, please let me know at OGP forums.

Alissa Klee






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